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An American expat funny mum of twin teens scribing vibes while growing older gratefully.

I’m not just American. I’m a global citizen.

I’m an American ex-pat funny mum of twin teens scribing vibes while growing older gratefully, just like it says on the tin and in my bio, which I wrote about a year ago when I signed up to write on Medium. I’ll have to revise it next year when my twins turn twenty, or I finally decide to become a British citizen after living in the UK for 22 years.

I ran away from my home in the USA. Not what you think. I was 35 at the time. That’s another story but worth mentioning here.

I’m still a…

Overcome your self-limiting beliefs

I’ve had a few self-limiting beliefs (SLBs), balls in chains around my ankles, throughout my years. A few more weighty than others dragged monotonously around through time like Jacob Marley’s ghost but that I’ve managed to escape from to allow more fluid and free movement while staying present and living my one beautiful life.

I’m a big believer in busting and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

When I think of busting a self-limiting belief, this funny vision of me bursting out of a big cake and yelling “surprise!” in my loudest party voice comes to mind. …

So close, yet so far

We are this month celebrating a year of Covid. No were not! This mid-March We are marking a year of a pandemic that is called the other C-word. I doubt anyone will ever celebrate anything Covid related apart from the vaccine and its cure.

What I am celebrating with my family, still safely from a distance at the moment, is all of our bucket loads of great luck at not falling seriously ill or dying from the virus. Especially our 80-year-old parents, even more so my 80-year-old mother diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

She deserves a massive F’ing party. …

At what point does highlighting other’s work become ‘all creepy fangirl’ if at all?

I’m a new writer on Medium, even though I’ve been a paying member using the platform since 2018. I’ve read so many more stories than I’ve written and published despite the never-ending tales floating around in my head. If I could just use my time and energy wisely and get my thoughts down on the page properly like I’m supposed to, then press the bloody publish button…

I blame you good writers of Medium who successfully publish here.

Each time I sit my bum down in the chair and wait for my muse to strike, pen in hand, poised and…

Who were your heroines? How did they inspire you? What impact did they have on your life?

Women walk a wooden planked bridge high up in the tree tops of the jungle.
Women walk a wooden planked bridge high up in the tree tops of the jungle.

Every time I heard about their adventures or read their stories throughout my 60s and 70s childhood, the heroines who captured my heart were always an amazing mix of courage and and conviction, brave and beautiful souls trying to save their fellow man and and the world’s beloved animals.

Both fiction and nonfiction, some of my favorite heroes are real-life superhumans who protect animals. Others, made-up characters plucked from the pages of a few of my favorite books. ‘Jo Marsh’, ‘Pippi Longstocking’ and ‘Charlotte the Spider’ from E.B. Whites, Charlotte’s Web just to name a few.

All my female heroes…

Dry January is over and I won this month

Dry January is over, and I won — this month. I even printed the PDF certificate Alcohol Change provided and pinned it to my office bulletin board to remind me.

It wasn’t too hard to do, considering the years I’ve spent preparing for it.

I’m proud but not too proud of it — my accomplishment and my certificate. It means more that I now recognize the daily struggle, the triggers, and decide not to drink.

A decision that gets easier every day.

Before you think, “oh, here we go, another self-righteous personal growth drinking story about how giving up alcohol…

Just a Sparky Empath

The stories of E. B. White specifically Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little had a profound effect on my life. They helped me realize from an early age that I was affected deeply, to the point of distraction, by the treatment, or more the mistreatment, of animals. In books and at the movies animal stories where the main characters were talking animals in peril always got my attention. The more anthropomorphic the better.

I used to blame Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Rudyard Kipling, and Mr. White for this. But looking back maybe there was more I missed along my journey to…

Or at Least Until Covid is Cured.

On Halloween, our Prime Minister addressed the nation and declared the virus is winning the battle against Covid. The second wave is rising and UK citizens are losing — life, money, and their sanity at the moment.

Sometimes, reality is scarier and stranger than fiction.

If we don’t isolate now the NHS will be unable to handle the rising number of cases or space availability in hospitals at Christmas. We will have reached maximum capacity.

So we are days away from another month-long national quarantine.

At least this time we can meet with one other person from any household on…

With Some Help from the Danish

“Just as a painter needs light in order to put the finishing touches to his picture, so I need an inner light, which I feel I never have enough of in the Autumn.”

- Leo Tolstoy

Clocks in the UK just went back an hour last week during Daylight Savings Time. This means we gained an extra hour in bed. Ahhh. And as our nights grow longer who wouldn’t appreciate an extra hour to linger, to get our minds right before the even darker days of winter set in.

This year it may take…


Tell us about the children in your life.

The husband I’m still married to and I have twin sons, fraternal so they look nothing alike. More like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Twins”. Their personalities are also that oddly dissimilar.

Twins don’t run in our families. We paid money for in-vitro treatment to get pregnant, just the one cycle. I am so grateful to have them. My first and last child in one fell swoop. So you can see, they were well wanted, and are well-loved.

In September we drove them to their chosen Universities with all the stuff bought throughout the previous weeks to…

Stacy Davenport

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